Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tiger Woods

Ok, so I just HAVE to rant about this. It’s necessary.

So AP Lang yesterday, I read an article about Tiger Woods. Some of them talked about how he has his right to privacy. This is right, but seriously, he knows he will be in the midst of the public eye. He knows that every little thing he does, good and bad, is broadcasted around the world.

There were some valid points made about this topic and with everything Tiger Woods has done, but seriously, we all think that he has to explain what he did and why. But really, we all only assume this. Really, he has to explain nothing to us. But with how our press works today, when nothing is said, they make things up, and naturally, we believe it, only because there’s nothing telling us otherwise. And even when the wrongdoer in fact, says things, they still change the story to suit the needs and to catch the attention of the readers or listeners.

My dad loved Tiger Woods when he was still here. Sometimes all this coverage by the press about the “bad side” of Tiger Woods makes me wonder what he would be thinking if he were still here. I’m sure he’d still love him as a golfer, but I’m not sure what he’d say about all that’s going on. He would probably say that over half of it is false, but only because it really is. The press changes everything, whether it’s big or small…

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