Monday, January 18, 2010

Bad Influence?!

I walk to the pop machine at 10:10am yesterday at church, talking with a few of my friends, one a mom, Jenny*, and one a girl two years younger than me, Lauren*. Sunday school started at 10:00, but I wanted a pop, so decided to go there before going to my class. Then, out walks Lauren’s mom, furious that her daughter isn’t to Sunday school on time, even though the service that was supposed to get done at 10:00 got done at 10:05. She blames the whole thing on me, saying I’ve skipped before and that I’m a bad influence to her daughter and to another friend of mine that’s four years younger than me.

My immediate response was, “WTF!?” I just ignored it and walked to Sunday school.

The, last night, I had youth group. Lauren’s mom was there, glaring at me the whole two hours I was there. I wanted to confront her, but I couldn’t pull her away from the group long enough. She knew I was mad, because I just glared right back at her and didn’t say anything to her the whole night.

I was NOT a happy person last night and actually ended up getting mad at a few people on Facebook once I got home because I was in such a bad mood…

I decided to choose this song to put up in my blog because I just needed a little Screamo. I needed a little pick-me-up; an easy way to try to release the anger…

*names have been changed

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