Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Amazing Adventures of Dakota, Lindsay, and Erin

So my friend Dakota and I have spent the last three days (second hour) watching our friend Erin make funny comics of our lives :) They are simple stick figure comics, and you can only tell people apart from height and hair. In the comics, we are constantly thinking the others are crazy and teasing each other. Erin and I are known in these comics for making fun of Dakota being freakishly tall. Dakota and I are known in these comics for being weirded out by Erin’s craziness. Dakota and Erin are known for hiding in boxes to avoid my anger problems.

These comics make us seriously laugh out loud. And we almost get into trouble every day.

Erin is the fabulous draw-er of these comics, and Dakota and I help her with ideas.

Dakota is known for being too tall – Erin makes him hunched over to fit into the panel and he is always complaining about not being able to fit through the doors. Also, he is too tall to fall into a bottomless pit – his feet get cold from being so far underground, while his head and arms are still sticking up above ground.
Erin is known for being crazy – she eats signs and boxes and does random dances with robots.
I am known for having very extreme anger problems – I go after a preppy girl with the sharpened end of a guard flag while Dakota and Erin hide in the “Box of Safety.” :)

My friends are crazy, and maybe a little dangerous because of their degree of sanity, but we have tons of fun anyway :P

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