Monday, January 18, 2010

General Larry Platt!

Ok, for those of you that haven't seen this (and I'm sure all of you have), here's the song everone is talking about!

Pants on the Ground by General Larry Platt

This 62 year old man tried out for American Idol 2010, singing his very own song.

Simon said it would be a hit - he was right. Less than 24 hours later, Pants on the Ground played on radio stations. 24 hours later, there was a Facebook group (that, today, reached 1 million members). 24 hours later, Pants on the Ground became a new song on my iPod (the whole American Idol interview, actually!)

This guy is 62 - and according to Simon, he's "a little over the age limit of 28." In my opinion, this guy should go to Hollywood! So American Idol didn't get him there - so what! He's prolly being asked to sign a record deal right now through some other random company!

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