Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two Words Forbidden in Our Lives

If words are forbidden, how can they still be used in our lives, threatening our existence?

Murder. It’s a word no one wants to hear. It’s one that walked into my life just ten months ago.

Cancer. It’s a word that is constantly coming up in normal conversation in my family. My grandma is dying of Lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes). She has just a few days to a few weeks left of life.

I feel like life is far from fair. My dad, my grandma’s son, died only ten months ago. How is my grandpa, along with the rest of my family, expected to survive this? It’s just not fair. My grandma won’t get to see her oldest granddaughter, my cousin, get married on April 23rd of next year. She won’t get to see me graduate or see my little cousins grow up. How is this fair?

My older cousin told me a few days ago that she bought her wedding dress for her wedding. She called her mom, my aunt, about ten minutes after purchasing it, only to find that our grandma won’t be able to attend. How can life possibly turn out like this?

My grandma will miss the trial of my dad’s murder – something the judge has pushed back time and time again. She will never see justice served. She will never see the offender sit in jail for what he did.

How is this fair? Why do those two little forbidden words have to be used in my every day life, my everyday vocabulary?

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