Thursday, October 29, 2009

Family Reunion #3

Today is my grandma’s visitation. My aunt is coming home from San Francisco today and my uncle is already here. Family reunions like this are horrible. It’s to grieve about the loved one we just lost. It’s not like it’s a fun gathering filled with laughter, food, and games. It’s filled with tears, food, and sitting around talking about the one we love so much. It’s not the same as what most people view as a family reunion.

This is number three this year. One on my mom’s side with the death of my uncle, and two on my dad’s with the death of my dad and grandma.

These types of family reunions are no fun. I never look forward to them. Other than seeing my aunt and uncle from San Francisco, I don’t enjoy them at all. We always get caught in candid shots of the camera, our faces blotchy and white from crying.

Family reunions like this just aren’t fair. I wish we didn’t have to have them, but that’s life, right? I guess we have no other choice. Being the optimist I am, I have to say that it’s a blessing that we still have family left to reunite with.

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