Monday, March 8, 2010

A Weekend With the Boys

This past weekend, I spent the weekend with a friend and her two boys, one in second grade, and the other in preschool.

I had a lot of fun, picking them up from school on Friday, helping their mom get ready for a party that night, hanging out with them Saturday night and all day Sunday.

Going home wasn’t all that fun, though. The boys weren’t too happy to see me go, even though my house is only about twenty minutes away and they see me every single Sunday morning for breakfast at church.

The preschooler really enjoyed messing around with me and, quite honestly, confusing me with all his random subject changes while talking to me.

They all want me to stay with them again soon, and I’m hoping I’m able to do that. Making time to be with friends is one of the best things a girl can do because friends always seem to be what can get you through the rough days.

I loved spending the weekend with the boys and their mom. I’m really hoping to do it again and have another little party with the boys.

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