Monday, March 8, 2010

Twitter Fanatic

Thursday night, my older sister made me get a Twitter account. Well, honestly, I’m now addicted. I used to change my Facebook status about a hundred times a day, it seems. But now, I’m able to update my statuses on Twitter, where people won’t get annoyed with me like they sometimes seem to do on Twitter.

With Twitter, I’m able to “follow” stars like Keith Urban, Katy Perry, and Mandy Moore. I’m also able to “follow” teams like the Chicago Cubs. By doing so, I’m able to learn more about them and learn early about concerts and other productions that are coming up for them.

I think Twitter will soon consume my life a lot like Facebook has. Yes, I say I’m addicted to Twitter now, but I think I will become even more addicted when I start following more people and after I begin to learn a little more about the website.

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