Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quotes from the Good Ol' Days

Ok, so when I said quotes from the Good Ol' Days, I didn't necessarily mean the Good Ol' Days. Some of these quotes are from two years ago, where others are from yesterday :)

They all have at least one thing in common though - they make me laugh every time I read them. They may not make sense to you; they may not be funny to you, but to me, they're hillarious. (Warning: Most show my friends', as well as my own, stupidity, and may be a you-just-had-to-be-there coinsidence)

leaving the parking lot after playing tennis:
Me: Look! There's a tennis ball!
Kt: I see it! We're gonna pass it! Wave!
Me: *wave*

Mock Trial: Don't mind the porcupine lady, she's only trying to destroy your witness's credibility

Cameron: I am feeling dizzy
Kyan: Me too
Cameron: You don't even know what dizzy means!
Kyan: Yes I do! I feel dizzy in my ARM!

SK: PHTTTT! That's me sticking my tongue out at you! I'm making the noise! Come on kid smile!

Kt: well he's not getting his valentines gift
Me: yes he is
Kt: well not from me!
Me: well I matter!

Kt: I don't wanna have fish with a sex!

Me: What's root beer in Spanish?
Mom: Fajita!

Kt: ell oh! ell oh! ell oh ell! ell oh! ell oh ell oh ell oh! good-bye

Kt: its 11 kajillion 5 o'clock

Tennis Game
Lindz: the net might be like half an inch to high
Kt: that half an inch makes a difference!
Lindz: okay then
Kt: fifteen all
*throws ball in air*
*ball drops*
Kt: hahaha!
Lindz: what?!
Kt: that’s what she said!
Lindz: huh?!
Kt: that half an inch makes a difference!
Lindz & Kt: *ROFLMFAO*

Steph: I'm just gonna dance on the floor
Me: Hun, that's called humping

Katie, Steph & Me: Arwiel and Erwic got maweed and Fwounder was da bwest man. Sebwastian was dare twoo. and day wived happiwy everw aftwer. thwee end!

Cat: it's a dangerous pathogen!

Amanda M: my (wedding) cake wasn't supposed to look like someone took a chainsaw to it.

Cat: it's diharrea of the fingers!

Amanda M: her suit looks like underwear! the bottoms don't match the top! (at Elmcrest for lunch)

Katie: a backyard sale wedding?! (with Jess)



Carissa: he's just got a bad case of idiot syndrome... I think

Amanda M: let's do a lil hyming, friends!

Chelsea: my penis just got bigger!

Katie: sorry I just fingered your face

Doug: Smerf porn! (talkin about Avatar)

Steph: barbie has a penis!

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