Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yeah, I Can Ramble On For Quite Some Time!

I don’t know: I just started typing... this is what came out:

I’m still my daddy’s little girl. No matter what happens; no matter who crosses my mind, he’s still there, allowing me to hold on to the memories that I never want to lose. I will never forget my daddy. These memories will never fade. My bond with him can only grow stronger as I sit here each day, thinking about what could have been if that night hadn’t happened. But wishing won’t change the past. I know that. But sometimes it’s all that keeps me going anymore – all that I have to live for – making him proud. But then again, am I doing that? Am I making him proud? Or am I changing my life so drastically that he can’t recognize me; changing so quickly that he can’t see that I’m still the little girl he was forced to leave? I love my daddy. And I know he always loved me and that he still does. But sometimes I wonder if the changes I’ve made in my life are what really need to happen.

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