Thursday, December 3, 2009

Will You Comfort Me?

I wrote this a few weeks ago when my friend that I talked about in a previous blog was suicidal again:

Will You Comfort Me?

You see my pain – will you stop it?
You see my tears –will you comfort me?
You see the changes I’ve made – will you acknowledge them?
You see my scars – will you show me you care before it’s too late?

You see that I need help – yet I receive little.

You watch me cry and all you do is sit there, staring.
You watch me tear myself to pieces and all you do is watch me fall apart.

You watch me as my life crumbles to pieces. There’s nothing you can do, but still, I wait.

I wonder, sometimes, if this is what I’m going to be like forever.
I wonder, sometimes, if this is all I will ever remember of these years.
I wonder, sometimes, if this is going to kill me.

Maybe I want it to.
Maybe I don’t.

I’m not exactly sure anymore.

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