Monday, September 28, 2009

(: My First-Ever Publication :)

You know, now I understand just how my good friend Sarah Kay feels – getting something published. I’m pretty sure she’s recited this to me about a billion times, but it feels incredible. To see your words down on paper, knowing that others around the state will read it, and take something meaningful out of it, feels like heaven. Yes, I only had my work published in a newsletter I receive every-other month from the Survivors of Homicide group I attend, but still, it’s sent around the state. And most importantly, it’s a start.
Here’s what was published:


It’s the nightmare you can’t
Wake up from.
It’s the words that won’t
Erase from your ears.
It’s the images you’ll never
Let yourself forget.
It’s the life you wish
Was only a nightmare.

The building stands before you,
Growing larger and larger.
You walk inside,
Finding your past
Staring right back at you.

Inside is Dad’s apartment
Where the familiar scent
Of stale cigarettes and Bud Light
The green leather chair
Still sits in the corner of the living room,
The light blue and salmon checkered comforter
Still lies gently across the bed,
The dirty yellow rug,
Still sprawled across the bathroom floor.

You turn around
To face Mom’s open arms.
You hear her whisper,
“Daddy might not make it,”
Again and again
Until she’s screaming
At the top of her lungs.

Tears pour down your face
At the reminder that he’s
You run for the door,
Exiting quickly.
You only pause
A moment
To turn once more
For that final look
At that eminent number five
Glued to the door.

It’s a start, right? It was sooo embarrassing when I found out that my mom copied the page it was on in the newsletter and sent it to all our relatives and family friends. But that’s what moms do, right?

Check out Sarah Kay

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