Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No Trust in Violence

Why, might I ask, is violence viewed as “good” in today’s society? We go to war (no, I’m not bashing war. One of my best friends is going into the army) using violence and holding onto the idea that we hate the enemy. Where did this idea of hatred come from? How about the idea of violence? Where did it come from? And when did trust become so un-trusting?

Well, it was back before settlers even came to the New Land (America). They started wars in order to obtain land and to attempt to come to some kind of an agreement between Indian tribes. They also created alliances and then later betrayed those alliances, creating wars and hatred between colonies. But this was hundreds of thousands of years ago, right? How have people, as a mostly thriving world, not “grown up”? Can we not communicate and come to an agreement using calm words of intelligence? Must we use violence to get our point across?

I guess I just question all of this because of something that ruined the girl I used to be. It happened just nine months ago. My dad was assaulted by someone he knew and somewhat trusted. A few hours later, my dad died from what happened to him that night.

This “Daddy’s Girl” was, and still is, torn apart. I probably always will be. How am I ever supposed to trust again when the fear of being betrayed still makes itself clear in my mind? How am I supposed to view any kind of violence as “good” when it took my childhood hero, my inspiration in life, and my cheering section?

I don’t think the people in this world realize, unless they are “victims of homicide” themselves, that violence not only kills the one that was physically hurt, but it kills a part of the ones that loved him as well. Their lives will never be the same again due to this stupid act of violence towards another for no reason at all.

There is no trust in violence – it can never end well. So why do we, sometimes readily, partake in it?

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