Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sermons vs. Life: There’s Truth In There Somewhere

You know, truths can come out in a blog. Secrets can be revealed. But this is for school – so technically I can’t do that. But sometimes I just wish I could…

I guess I’ll start with this: Do you ever feel that you walk into your church to hear the sermon for the day, and you feel that everything that your pastor is talking about is directed at you? That’s exactly how I felt a few weeks ago.

I was sitting next to my friend Holly². She knows a lot about what’s been going on with me since my dad died. I don’t remember exactly what our pastor was talking about (yes, I was paying attention, I just can’t remember!), but I know that Holly poked my arm and said, “Hear that? It’s about you!” I started listening more carefully then. And that’s when I realized – it was ALL about me. In one-way or another I could relate the sermon to myself and to my life. Holly told me afterwards that it seems that sometimes the sermons are directed towards her, but it seems that the more trouble we find ourselves in with our faith, the more the sermon tends to fit into our lives. Why is this? How do they fill those holes that are in our hearts that easily? I honestly don’t know. I just know that they do and that they can change a simple life in a single instant.

² Name has been changed

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