Monday, April 19, 2010

New-Found Friends

I just have to dedicate a post to two of my new-found friends.
Yes, I still have my Big Sis and Chels, but it's nice to add two people to the mix.

I've met both of them online, both on Facebook. We've been talking a lot ever since. :)

Ashley is the first person I want to talk about. Ashley has helped me out a lot in getting through everything I need to get through. We have been able to help eachother to smile and she's pulled me from the edge after this breakup, as well as helped me before the breakup.

Grant is the other person I'd like to talk about. He has really helped me to open up to another guy. He understands partially what I'm going through and has let me know time and time again that I will always have him at my side.

Thanks you guys. I don't know what I'd do without both of you, as well as Kt and Chels as well. ♥

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