Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Figuring Out the Details

I’m slowly piecing together the details of when I’m going out to San Francisco for my cousin’s wedding in April. She gets married on a Friday night. We will leave right at 3:00 on Thursday afternoon and get in sometime that night. I assume I’m staying with my aunt and uncle and little cousins, but I’m not completely sure yet. That Friday is Special Friend’s Day at my little cousin’s (nine years my junior) school. So I’m planning to go and be her “special friend” for the day. :) Then the wedding is that night, and I spend the rest of the weekend sight seeing with my family. I will leave Sunday morning early to get home for school on Monday morning.

I’M REALLY EXCITED! Excited to be in San Francisco again, excited to see my little cousins, excited to see my aunt and uncle that live out there, excited to see my older cousin get married to a funny guy that I’ve gotten to know really pretty well from holidays when they come to visit Iowa and from when I came to visit out in San Francisco last year.


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